Joining the Society for Minimalist Music has many benefits, including:

  • Access to all areas of the Society’s website, some of which will be password-protected to allow access only by members of the Society. (These website changes will be implemented in the coming months)
  • A discount, equivalent to one year’s membership, to the fee for the biennial conference and for any such other conferences mounted by the Society (we had, for example, a one-day conference on Glass’s Einstein on the Beach, in tandem with the world tour of a new production of this work)

The annual rates of membership are, in British pounds Sterling: £30 for individual annual membership; £10 for students and those retired from employment.

To official join the society, please use the following drop-down menu to select the appropriate rate. Note, that while rates are in British pounds sterling, PayPal will automatically convert that to your currency, e.g. Euros or U.S. Dollars.

Payment options

Should you like to cancel your automatic payments to the Society for Minimalist Music, thereby canceling your membership, you may do so here: