Effective 2017



Section 1        Aims of the Society

1.1       The Society for Minimalist Music exists to promote the intellectual and scholarly study of the music known as minimalism, both in its classic forms dating from the 1960s and in various subsequent developments loosely contained under the rubric postminimalism. The Society recognizes minimalism as it has been broadly defined, from its familiar idiom of motivic repetition to its more general concern with drones, stasis, and limited musical means. The Society’s interests also include the relationship of music to minimalism in the other arts.

1.2       The project of the Society will be carried out through international conferences, colloquia and dissemination of research.  As far as is practicable, conferences will include live performance in the form of concerts and/or lecture-recitals.

1.3       The Society will hold a biennial conference, the location of which alternates between the US and other countries.

1.4       This constitution may be reviewed periodically at the instigation of the President.  The document posted on the Society’s website represents the current version at the time of accessing it.


Section 2        Registered address

The registered contact address for the Society is

All correspondence shall be directed to the Secretary or the President of the Society via this address.


Section 3        Membership

3.1       Membership of the Society is open to any person engaged in the intellectual and scholarly pursuit of minimalist music, and composers and performers of minimalist music, irrespective of whether they are affiliated to an academic institution.

3.2       Members shall be admitted to the Society by completing of a web-based application form, which shall be submitted via the Society’s website.

3.3       Members may cease their membership of the Society at any time, by writing to the Secretary of the Society via the Society website.

3.4       Exceptionally, membership may be refused if a majority of members in a vote feel such membership to be against the interests of the Society.

3.5       In extreme circumstances the Society may expel a member, especially if the member’s actions have undermined the work of the Society or brought it into disrepute.

3.6       Annual membership fees shall be payable at the rates below:

Institutional                 £100

Individual                     £30

Student/retired             £10

Although fees are expressed in pounds sterling, this will be converted at the time of payment by PayPal. Institutional membership carries with it a supporter’s link from the Society’s web page.  Individual membership entitles the member to a discount from the fee for the biennial Conference.


4          The Committee of the Society

4.1       The governance and operation of the Society shall be executed by the Committee of the Society.  The committee will be elected by the membership, with all members entitled to a single vote.  If a post is contested, a web-ballot will be organized with the Webmaster acting as Returning Officer.  The results of the election shall be determined using the first-past-the-post system.

The business of the Committee will be conducted on-line, except for when meetings coincide with other events organised by the Society, usually conferences.

4.2       The committee shall consist of the following posts:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Additional ordinary members, of whom at least one must be from the Americas and one from the UK.
  • The committee shall have an upper limit of twelve people.

4.3      Committee elections will be held during or near each biennial conference.

4.3.1 The positions of president, treasurer, secretary, webmaster, and newsletter editor shall last 4 years. Members may not serve consecutive terms in these positions, and may only serve a maximum of two four-year terms. Elections for these positions shall be staggered, so that no more than 3 positions shall be open for nominations during any election (For instance, president, treasurer, newsletter editor in 2019, 2023, 2027, and so on; secretary and webmaster in 2021, 2025, 2029, and so on). If for any reason a member cannot complete the full length of his or her term, an at-large member will be asked to complete the term.

4.3.2 At-large committee terms shall last two years. At-large members of the committee may not serve longer than three consecutive two-year terms. There is no limit to the total number of terms that a member may serve on the at-large committee.

4.4       All committee members shall be individual members of the Society.  Membership at institutional level does not confer individual membership, and vice-versa.

4.5       The Committee may co-opt additional members at any time as the need arises.  Co-opted members shall be admitted to the Committee for a defined period of time, which shall not exceed two years.  At the end of the defined period of time, the co-opted member may stand for election if there is a vacancy in the posts listed above.

4.6       The President of the Society shall have the discretion to expand the number of roles on the committee at his/her discretion.  The number of posts on the committee may only be reduced by unanimous vote of the whole Committee as constituted at the time the vote is held.

4.7       The organizer of the current biennial conference shall be a member of the Committee for the period during which the conference is organized.  This membership will be handed over to the organizer of the following conference during the conference that they have been responsible for organizing.

4.8       The President of the Society shall call the General Meeting of the Society during the biennial conference of the Society.

4.9       The Programme Committee for each conference shall be convened separately to the Committee of the Society, although membership of one does not preclude membership of both. At least one member of the Society Committee shall also be a member of the Programme Committee for each conference.  There is no upper limit on the number of members eligible for membership of both committees.


5          Responsibilities of the President

5.1       The Chair shall offer strategic direction to the Society and actively promote its aims through whatever means possible.

5.2       Meetings of the committee will be coordinated by the President, who should prepare and circulate an agenda in advance of each committee meeting, including any items requested by voting committee members.

5.3       The President shall be responsible for the dissemination of information to the membership, primarily through web-based media.  This duty may be devolved to the Secretary.

5.4       The President shall convene a discussion as to the decision of the location and timing of the biennial conference and shall have the casting vote if agreement cannot be secured.  The decision of the President is final.

5.5       The President will fulfil any other duties required for the efficient, effective and timely discharge of the Society’s functions.


6          Responsibilities of the Secretary

6.1       The Secretary shall maintain a current list of the membership of the Society and write to all members from time to time as required by the Society’s activities and interests.

6.2       The Secretary shall maintain a current list of the membership of the committee.

6.3       The Secretary shall organize ballots as required by the Society.

6.4       The Secretary shall minute all meetings of the Committee and others as required.

6.5       The Secretary shall fulfil any other duties required for the efficient, effective and timely discharge of the Society’s functions.


7          Responsibilities of the Treasurer

7.1       The Treasurer shall maintain all bank accounts for the Society.  Accounts may be opened in more than one country in order to expedite the work of the Society with a minimum of currency transaction charges.

7.2       All accounts shall require two signatures: the treasurer and the President, or where this is impractical, one other nominated member of the Committee.

7.3       The Treasurer shall keep all the accounts of the society and present these at the period meeting of the Committee.


8          Responsibilities of the Webmaster

8.1       The Webmaster shall maintain the Society website, ensuring that it is attractive, relevant and up-to-date.

8.2       The Webmaster shall develop the website as required by the Committee, and may enlist additional human resources if necessary, remuneration for which help may be provided by the Committee if deemed necessary.


9          Responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor

9.1       The Newsletter Editor shall edit the Society newsletter, ensuring that it is attractive, relevant and of interest to members.

9.2       The Newsletter editor shall ensure that at least one edition of the newsletter is produced per year, and shall liaise with the Secretary to ensure its effective dissemination.


10        Data Protection

The lists of members and membership cardholders must be administered in a way consistent with good Data Protection practice in the US and the European Union.


11        Disputes

In the event of dispute on procedural issues, the President, whose decision is final, will decide matters.


12        Winding-up of the Society/Committee

The Society may be wound up following a vote of the entire membership.  If a majority of the membership vote in favour of such a motion, presented at the biennial conference, the Society will cease to exist.  Any money deposited in the Society’s accounts at the time of winding up shall be disposed of through a bidding round by the membership for good causes in line with the Society’s aims.  The distribution of funds will be the final act of the Committee.  If there is non-agreement, the decision of the President is final.